Whispering Waters is located between Kodanad Elephant Rearing Centre and Thattekad Bird Sanctuary. Just a mere 30 minutes of scenic drive from the Kochi International Airport through cool green rubber plantations and rustic village roads will take you to this amazingly peace filled and unexploited part of Paniely Poru. The resort features 20 elegantly furnished rooms with private balcony, a large swimming pool, conference hall, multi-cuisine dining, and a host of other environmentally friendly activities along its picturesque river trails. The view of the foreground from any part of the resort is soothing and fascinating, with the flowing river in the front and the picturesque Western Ghats beyond. The compound is fairly large, providing plenty of space to walk around and enjoy raw nature. There is a well maintained garden (buffalo grass lawn) and tall teak trees form a cool canopy over the resort units within the compound. The large swimming pool can give you superb enjoyment and keep you refreshed especially on sultry days. The banks of the river provide excellent pockets to relax or enjoy picnics. During the hot summer, the entire area around the ‘Poru’ is very cool and refreshing due to the lush tropical vegetation. Throughout the year, excepting the heavy downpours of the monsoon season, you can walk around the river banks and in summer you can cross the river half way by walking on top of rocks. Stepping between the strata of rock formation requires care. Early morning atmosphere here at Whispering Waters is truly heavenly with the naturally well orchestrated songs composed and recited by a variety of birds; of which a few are quite rare. Have your fully charged camera ready at all times. The entire area provides opportunities for photography throughout the day. Whispering Waters is ideal for private retreat and family gatherings. Also, discover the great possibilities here for MICE activities. Welcome to Whispering Waters river front retreat!