‘Poru’ means ‘fight’ in Malayalam. The history of the term ‘fight’ or ‘Poru’ getting connected with Paniely goes way back when rafts-men using this stretch of the river had to fight fiercely with the challenging whirlpools, treacherous rock formations and deep vortex to continue paddling down the river. In those days, the practice of cutting bamboo from the Edamalayar forest beyond Paniely and tying them together to craft cargo rafts was prevalent. Carrying logs to destinations such as ‘Kalady’ and ‘Malayatoor’ through Periyar using such rafts was part of the livelihood of the bamboo cutters of this locale. Only experienced as well as brave rafts-men could overcome the grueling challenges of this mystifying water body. The term ‘Poru’ turned out to be an apt representation of their fighting skill to maneuver their rafts successfully. Now bamboo cut from the forest is carried through the road in large transport vehicles.